Agile & DevOps Fitness Check

Making sure your transformation suceeds

Join our Webinar on how to make an
Agile & DevOps transformation successful

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You will be able to take away the following:

  • Learn what makes an Agile or DevOps transformation successful
  • Get an introduction on the “Agile & DevOps Transformation Targeted Capability Levels”
  • Understand how our fitness check is conducted and how it supports the success of your transformational activities
Agile & DevOps Webinar

Agile & DevOps Fitness check is the new best practice assessement to help customers ensure the success of Agile and Digital transformation journeys.
This innovative approach is jointly developed and delivered by PEDCO and Digital Architects Zurich.

Our approach will not only help you leverage the best of technology, but also embrace effective operating models and culture transformation principles and best practices.

That is the only way for a successful Digital Transformation journey.

PEDCO with its Agile & DevOps knowledge, and Digital Architects Zurich (DAZ) with its SRE and CI/CD expertise, are joining forces to offer you an independent and highly reliable assessement of your digital maturity.

With a proven track record of helping customers embrace Digital Transformation, PEDCO and DAZ will help put your organisation at the cutting edge of Agile & DevOps implementation.



Leveraging market leading expertise in Agile & DevOps, and in SRE & CI/CD we check and evaluate your current status, collecting your points of intrest and examining your internal and external business context.

This approach aims to Initiate, Incubate and Grow & Sustain your Digital Transformation process and cover all its 3 majors pillars: Technology, Operating Models and Culture Transformation.

A report will then issue concret statements on areas of improvement within your particular landscape.

A set of key values incorporating items and concepts from Lean, Agile, DevOps and SAFe methodologies (we call this LEADS) will form the basis of the change our Fitness Check aims at for your company.

Findings will be checked with our structured capability matrix for Transformation maturity.
This will ensure your implementation including mindset & principles, organizational structure, processes, roles, work products, tailoring, diversity and information process as a whole, is deeply analysed and assessed, for a complete and exhaustive overview of the situation.

Agile & DevOps Transformation Capability Levels

Although Agile & DevOps Fitness Check is an expert analysis, both PEDCO and Digital Architects Zurich will put all their knowledge and expertise to make sure the analysis’ conclusions and recommendations are followed by a proximite support and consultancy to help you reach the promise land.


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