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Design & Consult

Work with customers to understand their challenges and come up with the best fitting designs for their problems.

CI/CD Engineer & Consultant

Experts for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery wanted!

Work as specialist with responsibility for consulting, design and development of CI/CD solutions and pipelines for critical applications.

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Build Solutions

Identify and engineer market best-practice solutions. Integrate into customer’s landscape and transfer knowledge.

Observability & AIOps Engineer/Consultant

Experts for cloud-native and AI-driven Observability solutions wanted!

Exciting projects with large and small customers in the area of Observability, Monitoring and AIOps!

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Ensure Success

Make sure that our customers receive sustainable success and ensure smooth operations.

DevOps & Site Reliability Engineering Architect/Consultant

Experts for cloud-native and AI-driven software delivery and operations wanted!

Exciting projects with large and small customers in the area of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), CI/CD, Observability and AIOps are waiting!

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Perks & Benefits

Competitive Salary

Salary in line with the market and a company profit sharing model.

1st Class Train Travel Card

First class travel card for trains and buses in Switzerland (SBB GA). For private and work use.


Phone Subscription

Mobile phone subscription, all inclusive for Europe.

Company Trips

Weekends and trips with the team, be it hiking, skiing or other activities. Most importantly: everyone has fun.

Work-life Balance

Annual working hours (42h/week), overtime compensation, 5 weeks’ holiday and part-time offers – because work-life balance is important to us

Monthly Outings

We meet up regularly for exchange, training and beer (or whatever you prefer). Share your knowledge, learn new things and have fun.

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