Digital Highway Transformation

The Digital Highway For Continuous Software Delivery And Operations

We Analyze

Digital Transformation represents a comprehensive overhaul of your software capabilities. It’s about making your operations not just better, but best-in-class.

We Design

Our approach is thoroughly holistic, modernizing your IT landscape with next-generation capabilities that streamline and enhance every aspect of your operations.

We Build

As Switzerland’s premier consulting firm, Digital Architects Zurich uniquely combines expertise across the three pillars of the Digital Highway.

Enhancing Software Quality & Service Management for the Digital Era

In the fast-evolving realms of Digital Transformation, Cloud, and DevOps, maintaining software quality and robust service management is crucial. At Digital Architects Zurich, we ensure your technology stays ahead of the curve, balancing cost-efficiency with cutting-edge, cloud-native, and AI-driven technologies.

Digital Architects Zurich

An All-around Transversal Offer

Set-Up The Site Reliabilty Engineering Discipline

Functions, Roles & Responsibilities Staffing, Tools and Templates

Continuous Delivery Design & Implementation

IT Operations Management Architecture Solution Design & Implementation

Transformation Coaching & Consulting

Digital Enablers: DevOps, SRE & AI
Vision & Strategy: Management Consulting & Review/Assessment

Digital Operating Model

Roadmap, Initiatives, Program and Project Management


SRE Enablement Training
AIOps, AI-driven CD

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