PEDCO and Digital Architects Zurich jointly offer to ensure success of Digital and Agile Transformations with the use of their “Agile & DevOps Fitness Check” approach. This new best practice assessment helps customers identify current situation, weaknesses and opportunities for their transformation journey.

Join our Webinar on how to make an Agile & DevOps transformation successful

Date: March 30, 2021
Time: 11:30am CET
You will be able to take away the following:

  • Learn what makes an Agile or DevOps transformation successful
  • Get an introduction on the “Agile & DevOps Transformation Targeted Capability Levels”
  • Understand how our fitness check is conducted and how it supports the success of your transformational activities

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Press Release / Zurich

Lots of companies are struggling in their Digital and Agile Transformation. Often, progress is made in selected teams or smaller units, however a companywide leap towards a digital culture is not happening. PEDCO and Digital Architects Zurich (DAZ) believe this is due to a missing transparency and lack of clear maturity models of transformation journeys. The aim of the two expert companies is to provide their knowledge in the key transformation areas of Technology, Operating Model and Culture to ensure success of customer’s Agile and DevOps adoptions.

Fitness Check Transformation Areas

Introducing the Agile & DevOps Fitness Check

PEDCO, with its extensive experience in Agile and DevOps, and Digital Architects Zurich, leveraging their knowledge for CI/CD, AIOps and SRE, jointly developed the “Agile & DevOps Fitness Check”. This assessment methodology is using market best-practices and expert knowledge to identify challenges in companies’ digital and agile transformations journeys.

With such an independent assessment, based on market best practices for Agile & DevOps and conducted by Swiss leading Agile & DevOps/SRE experts, a structured development roadmap to address current shortcomings and reach desired target capabilities is established towards success.

Based on a Structured Capability Matrix for Transformation Maturity

The basis of the assessment and the capability levels are models and successful methodologies for improving collaboration, efficiency and quality like Lean, DevOps and SAFe. While these methodologies have many common values and principles, they also have some differences and specificities as they have different scopes and backgrounds.

Agile & DevOps Transformation Capability Levels
Agile & DevOps Transformation Targeted Capability Level

PEDCO and Digital Architects Zurich extract the key capabilities and values of the relevant methodologies and introduce the “Agile & DevOps Transformation Targeted Capability Levels”. Looking at best practice standards, five maturity levels are defined with specific capabilities in three key areas:

  • Technology, Tooling & Automation
  • Operating Model and Processes / Roles & Workflows
  • Mindset, Principles & Culture

The Best of All Worlds: LEADS Values

Fitness Check LEADS Values

Based on studies and best practice experience PEDCO and DAZ extracted a set of key values from market methodologies to guide the transformation journey. We have summarised these values as “LEADS” as they incorporate items from Lean, Agile, DevOps and SAFe methodology. This set of values forms the basis for the mindset and cultural change parts of the Fitness Check, however are also critical for successful adoption of the new technology.

An Approach to Ensure Success

With guided self-assessments, workshops and analysis of existing artefacts and processes the current state of transformation is assessed according the capability level model that was specifically developed for this Fitness Check.

Based on these findings, gaps, weaknesses and opportunities are identified and validated against the “Agile & DevOps Transformation Capability Matrix”. Collaboratively, and taking into account the specific needs of the customers, the desired target state is documented. The subsequently developed transformation roadmap includes specific steps to ensure reaching the targeted capabilities. Support to ensure a safe and successful transformation is ensured.


We support enterprises in the efficient and successful implementation of demanding processes.

We help your organization in the set-up, selection, operation, and further development of lean, agile and effective processes. Our mission is to help system and software-dependent enterprises achieve better business outcomes, increase employee engagement, and improve economics through the application of Lean-Agile principles and practices with Applied SAFe® based on the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®).


“It’s really great to team up with Digital Architects Zurich! We know each other for quite some time now and it’s really a pleasure to work with such an experienced partner. We both extend our own expertise and the result is stunning. I could immediately feel Digital Architect Zurich’s passion and commitment to this partnership and I look forward to working together and bringing Agile and DevOps transformations to success.”

Peter Pedross, CEO – PEDCO

About Digital Architects Zurich

Digital Architects Zurich specialise in implementing transformation projects for cloud-native and AI-driven continuous delivery and IT Operations Management. We have a strong background in AIOps, Observability and a thorough understanding of the challenges of governance for a modern IT. With our own “Effective SRE” methodology, we support companites to efficiently adopt Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) as a new discipline.

We are part of the Swiss Digital Network, the first independent and open consulting network composed of agile and specialized consulting cells. Cooperation with innovative technology providers to enable digital & cloud transformation is a core ingredient for what we do.

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“Combining the scaled agile expertise of PEDCO with our expertise for Effective SRE will allow organisations to benefit hugely from the Agile & DevOps Fitness Check. As pioneers for SRE and DevOps in Switzerland, we see this assessment as a critical piece of input for turning agile and DevOps transformations into successful practical implementations.”

Tobias Sager, Managing Consultant – Digital Architects Zurich