Digital Architects Zurich actively took part in the Unscripted virtual worldwide Conference hosted by Harness on October 21st and 22nd, 2020. The meetup was rich of a diverse set of topics and instructful presentations. Covid-19 restrictions which led the event to be held remotely, did not hinder the participants from having a very substantial exchange.

It was fantastic to get to know so many people in different fields and have all these great talks!” expressed to us Michael, Digital Architects Zurich’s representative in the Unscripted Conference hosted by our partner Harness.

Around the generic thematic of “How to Simplify and Scale Software Delivery”, several IT leaders and key actors of the software industry presented their strategic views and practical insights.

Proudly representing Digital Architects Zurich, our Dr. Michael Miloradovic went on a 20 minutes presentation on “How to build your Digital Highway for Continuous Software Delivery”.

It was an amazing experience to talk at { Unscripted } and to be apart of a conference full of software pioneers and trailblazers, pushing the boundaries of modern technology.“, Michael told us after the event.

Digital Architects Zurich at Unscripted conference
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The Digital Highway and Effective SRE among other subjects

Michael spoke about the journey of conquering the challenges of redesigning and revolutionizing entire systems with intelligent automation for a leading Swiss bank, enabling weekly deployments and updates while keeping Security at the heart of our preoccupations. Our digital architect also touched on templatization when managing multiple tasks proportionally to the multiplicity of apps required by the client, before going through the importance of observability in order to monitor all tasks and metrics, especially with AIOps.

In addition, he introduced our Effective SRE approach dissecting its 3-dimensional engineering scope and its mission built around the equation of “SLO Assurance x Continuous Delivery x Operations Efficency”. Michael finished his presentation at the Unscripted conference by going through our comprehensive blueprint that allows our customers to design, build, and pilot their own Digital Highway for Continuous Software Delivery

So, want to know more about our approach and blueprint? Effective SRE and/or the Digital Highway? Our Offers? Please feel free to reach out to Michael or anyone else at Digital Architects Zurich. You can find our contact information on the homepage.

Dr. Michael Miloradovic

With a PhD in Particle Physics, Michael had a rich experience in fundamental research dealing with semiconductors and photodetectors, simulation and modeling of complex systems. He lately joined Digital Architects Zurich as a Digital Architect and Cloud Solution Architect.